A Winding Sheet

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One Friday on the thirteen day of the month, Johnson went to work and got chewed up by his boss for being late. Then Johnson got rejected at the all-night-restaurant by the coffee lady. Every time someone rejects or come off inappropriate, Johnson looks at the situation as a racial insult and gets extremely mad. In the beginning Johnson had an argument with his wife Mae about why she should go to work despite it was Friday the Thirteen. Finally Johnson belief was tested for the last time against his wife, Mae.

Johnson came home after being mad all day.

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He started snapping out on his wife about her gum popping and her nagging about him sitting on her work pants that was laid over the back of the chair. The lipstick symbolized nothing at the end. People come across a lot of battles and walk away from them because something or somebody gave them a tool, or a way to get out of a fight.

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At some point in your life those tools or ways of getting you out of a fight will lessen as you get madder and angrier, and you hope another tool come along or another way comes along to stop you from using you fist. If that tool or way does not come along the old tools become no use and you are forced to unwind out of your sheet.

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