Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology

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Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology by Shirley Hune

Cover Download Save. Contents pp. Acknowledgments p. And yet many have ruled as monarchs and heads of state, while we have not managed to do that in the United States—yet.

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The history of Hawaii illustrates the tale of one such leader. Though Hawaii became a state in yes, birthers, our president was born in the U.

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Historians Shirley Hune and Gail M. Nomura write , "Between and , the role of Native Hawaiian women was equal to that of men. They could vote, own property and leave intolerable marriages. Liliuokalani fought for the economic and cultural rights of Native Hawaiians and Asians, but with the help of a U. It is important that we gain a better understanding of the women who make up a majority of this diverse demographic category, their history in the U.

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We need to examine the different waves of migration, which continue into the present. Recently, Markos wrote of Asians as the fastest growing population population in our nation:. Though there is no one book that can encompass the varied histories and stories of AAP American women, in recent years, more texts have become available, as more AAP women become historians and women's studies scholars.

The volume presents new findings about a range of groups, including recent immigrants to the U. It addresses a wide range of women's experiences-as immigrants, military brides, refugees, American born, lesbians, workers, mothers, beauty contestants, and community activists. There are also pieces on historiography and methodology, and bibliographic and video documentary resources. Last is a collection of feminist perspectives edited by Sonia Shah. She was living in Harlem and had sent her children to Freedom Schools, had become engaged in multiple community struggles, and was the woman in whose arms Malcolm X died, when he was assassinated in the Audubon Ballroom on Feb.

Asian Pacific American Heritage: I Can't Believe I NEVER KNEW... - Thomas Sanders

She is embraced, honored and respected as a mother of the movement. On May 19, she will be I cannot possibly cover the contributions of AAPA women in the arts, sciences, and electoral politics in one essay. You can also stay informed by following the Women of Color Network. Designed by and for women of color, WOCN is committed to promoting women of color leadership, facilitating critical dialogues, and mobilizing for social justice issues.

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With regrets, today I end this special series for Women's History Month on women of color, but I remind you that we "sisters of the rainbow" make history every day, as we move forward to build a better future for us all. Denise Oliver Velez for Daily Kos.

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