Athens, WI: The Place Where Time Stood Still

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Athens, WI: The Place Where Time Stood Still

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Ustad Vilayat Khan with Pandit Kishan Maharaj : When Time Stood Still...(2002)

Can Celtic still do it? Yes, but as things stand they are heading, probably, to the Europa League. The Green Brigade have crossed a line in the past with their banners but were absolutely spot-on last night. They asked whether the Champions League were having a laugh; a reference to fourth place teams in England, Spain, Germany and Italy an automatic group stage.

Time stood still

The banner of such clubs jumping the queue was a good one. McGregor then played a one-two with Edouard at breakneck speed, the Scotland man took on a shot which needed both hands of Vasiileios Barkas to prevent an opener. Both teams won and lost the ball in midfield until Rogic took control and superbly sent a cross-field pass to Tierney on the left. He zipped the ball to the foot of McGregor who touched, turned and then beat Barkas with a superb shot.

A superb ball before the half hour from Tierney, by now enjoying a ridiculously good evening, was asked to be tapped home but nobody saw the question coming. It was a feature of this 90 minutes. Right, what could Celtic do to fix things? Even with a sympathetic referee they came up short.

A few minutes into the half and Ajer made a tackle from behind to stop Marko Livaja breaking through a gap left by the Norwegian which means the young defender is out of the second leg.

When’s the Best Time To Visit Greece and the Greek Islands?

However, there was no time for anyone wearing hoops to feel sorry for themselves. Work had to be done.

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There was bizarre moment on 53 minutes. Italian referee Luca Banti had dropped his foam spray, which nobody had noticed, and just as Ntcham was about to shoot, it exploded.

The Frenchman to his credit kept his head and the resultant effort was deflected wide. During the night Paul and Silas left the city. These are the only facts known about his stay in Thessaloniki. According to the existing tradition, as he left in a hurry, chased by his fellow countrymen, he came out of a high spot on the walls probably from a small door where later Vlatades monastery was established.

East of the position where now Vlatades monastery stands used to be a spring. It is said that he stopped there to drink some water. After the liberation of Thessaloniki, a church in his honor was constructed in this place and the Holy Water became well known.

Nowadays, a modern imposing church is the proof that Apostle Paul visited Thessaloniki, preached there and brought Greeks close to Christianity. They walked for a while on Egnatia Road and changed their route close to Pella, crossing a lush green fruitful and beautiful area. Veria was a very busy city with great population and had a flourishing synagogue. As soon as they got there, Paul and Silas visited the synagogue.

It is also said that the Jews of Veria were more polite than those in Thessaloniki and heard with great interest Paul preaching the Holy Gospel.

The Top 10 Things To Do in Athens

Among the attendants were people from the upper classes of Veria, Hebrews and converts and a great number of women. Their enemies from Thessaloniki sent people to Veria to provoke turmoil. Immediately his companions took the Apostle away from Veria.

Timothy and Silas remained in Veria. As a gift in return Veria gave to the Apostle of the Nations a new companion. He was Sopatros, son of Pyrrhus, who accompanied him for a long time after his return to Asia. The spot in Veria where it is said that Paul stood and preached, the so called "Apostle Paul's Podium" is now an imposing monument.

Since , a series of religious, cultural and sports events have been established under the name "Pavlia" which end every year with a scientific conference. Athens Athens In the year 51 Paul went to Athens by boat.

Athens was far from the typical bright city of classical times. The works of art were frequently pillaged, the Romans deserted the city of Pallas Athena and the descent of ideals started to become obvious. The boat that brought Paul to Athens anchored in Faliro.

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At that time and before then that was the area were the main port of Athens was located. The location of the port was between Kifissos river bed and the small church of Agios Georgios. It is believed that it is constructed on the ruins of the dock of ancient Faliro and the area around it is going to be developed.

From there started the road leading to Athens. This was also the road that Paul followed after he got off the boat.