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The Howlers secure the entryways and they are all bound together as Holiday is ordered to bring the ship up to their level. Ragnar manages to get his pulseFist aimed at the window and blasts it open. All are pushed into space and Holiday is able to catch them. While interrogating Quicksilver, they figure out he was a founding member of the Sons of Ares and was the one who funded nearly all Sons' activity.

Sevro still wants to follow through with blowing up the moon, and a fight breaks out between Sevro and Darrow. The two make up during the fight and Sevro says the responsibility that comes with the Helm of Ares has been too much for him. He accepts that Darrow should again take the reins of strategy for their rebellion. The Helldiver's plan starts with taking control of the moon, rousing all the lowColors to take control of every tower, ship, and armory.

With lowColors already in control of all vital functions such as water, air, and electricity, the takeover proves rather easy. As Darrow and Ragnar leave to execute their portion of the plan, they find Mustang blocking their way. She joins with them, explaining that she was pursuing peace with the Sovereign so that together they could focus on the Jackal.

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She saw no other way forward with Darrow dead. Their mission is to bring Ragnar to the South Pole of Mars, where the bulk of Obsidians live, so that he may convince his Mother Alia Snowsparrow and the rest of the Obsidian leaders to join the uprising. However, on the way, they are attacked by Cassius and Aja in their own ship. After a close call on the ice caps of Mars, Holiday, Darrow, and Ragnar go in search for the other ship.

They find the crash with many dead and the cannibalistic outcast Obsidians having already fallen upon it. They fight off the Cannibals and camp there for the night.

The following day they follow the trail of dead bodies Cassius, Aja and their grey retinue left behind. They set up an ambush on the three remaining Sovereign loyalists. Mustang hits Cassius with an Arrow to the neck, but Aja manages a mortal wound on Ragnar before she escapes down a ravine. Mustang and Darrow find the queen of the Obsidians harder to convince than they anticipated and come to the realization that Ragnar was coming not to negotiate with his Mother, but to kill her.

Darrow and Mustang manage to convince Sefi to allow them to show that their gods are false. Bringing the Golden bodies back to Alia have no affect on the stubborn Queen, who Darrow, Mustang, and Sefi suspect to have known about the false gods from the beginning. Sefi kills her Mother and claims her crown. With this new fleet and the bulk of the Jackal's attention on Phobos, the Rising starts to evacuate the Obsidians. Most go to Tinos, aggravating the problems already present in the city, but all the soldiers are to stay with Darrow. With the considerable increase in ships and soldiers, Darrow now turns his focus onto the Sword Armada in the Outer Worlds, commanded by Roque and his lieutenants Antonia and Thistle.

During the considerable journey to the Moons of Jupiter they rendezvous with Orion, still captaining the Pax. Despite Darrow promising to leave the Moons out of the Rising and even go as far to give up the name of any Sons of Ares cells in the outer worlds, Roque, with the immense resources and power of the Sovereign, is easily able to offer the better terms to Romulus au Raa.

Darrow also shares with the Moon Lords the intel he got from Cassius about the nuclear warheads in the asteroid belt between the Core and Rim. Roque seems to be unaware of these weapons, meaning the Sovereign trusted very few with this information. The Moon Lords rightly assume that the Sovereign stored these weapons there so that they may be easily grabbed by any fleet on the way to put down a rebellion in the Rim. Despite not having the warheads, Roque must pay for their existence as the Moon Lords join Darrow against the Sword Armada.

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Darrow knows that Roque will be expecting a head strong plan of action from the famously rash Reaper of Mars. He uses this fact against his old friend as he starts the attack on the Sword Armada. They are unable to talk the noble Roque au Fabii down and the proud Gold kills himself citing the enduring honor of the Society. Before broadcasting having taken control of the Colossus, Darrow orders the ship to target the docks of Ganymede, the main economic and militaristic bastion of the Moon. During the journey back to Mars to re-take the home planet of the Rising, Victra pursues and captures her sister.


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During imprisonment, Antonia kills Thistle in hopes of securing her own security as the only knowledgeable prisoner. In response, Victra beats her younger sister until she is pulled off. In his usual dramatic fashion, Sevro dawns the Helm of Ares and mocks the trial of Cassius by doing a backflip from his gallows after first pushing Cassius off. Sefi cuts both down and the insurrections are put down.

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Victra and Sevro are married soon after, joined under the house Barca name. Once they arrive, Mustang, Sevro, and Darrow approach Cassius and say they are prepared to let him go as long as he swears never to take up arms in this conflict again. Now the only one armed, Cassius forces Darrow, Mustang, and their dead friend into a laundry basket to deliver them to the Sovereign.

Releasing Antonia, the two escape to the ship that Darrow already scheduled for his escape. The Sovereign's grandson, Lysander , three Olympic knights including Aja, and a host of elite soldiers are in the bunker with them. The foot soldiers are ordered to leave and secure the area, as the Sovereign does not trust any non-golds. Attention then turns to Antonia, who, while expecting praise and commendations is instead met with the consequences of her actions. The Sovereign believes it was indeed Roque who fired upon the Ganymede docks, and knows that while Roque honorably ended his own life before he was able to be turned or bartered by Darrow, Antonia left her Imperator and fled the battle.

She orders her execution by Aja. She then sentences the Reaper to death, an act to be carried out live on the HC. The cameras start rolling and the Jackal begs for the honor of executing the Reaper of Mars. Welcome to Outside In World, the organisation dedicated to promoting and exploring world literature and children's books in translation. Education Zone for teachers and librarians Young People Zone interactive area for children Book Professionals Zone for publishers, booksellers, writers, illustrators and translators Parents Zone information and ideas for parents Windows on the World online illustration gallery.

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Hallo Aurora! Is Anybody There? The Wolf is coming! Raz-Plus resources organized into weekly content-based units and differentiated instruction options. This delightful African fable tells how fierce Leopard is actually afraid of mild Ram.

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  • Jackal tries to force his friend to be brave and face Ram. But Ram's wife tricks Leopard, and Jackal ends up paying the price in this humorous tale. Guided Reading Lesson. Reading Strategy Retell to understand and remember story events. Comprehension Sequence events in a story. Phonics Identify vowel digraphs ea and ee. Grammar and Mechanics Recognize and understand the use of quotation marks. Word Work Identify words that mean the same synonyms. Think, Collaborate, Discuss Promote higher-order thinking for small groups or whole class.