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Norman Robbins Cinderella Robbins. Norman Robbins' fun-packed pantomimes tell the traditional stories in a clear fast-moving style and can be staged simply or elaborately, as required.

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The choice of music is left to the director. Large flexible cast. Thomas Hutchinson The diary and letters of His Excellency captain-general governor-in-chief.

The diary and letters of His Excellency Thomas Hutchinson. Captain-general and governor-in-chief of.

The LSE Lectures. Lionel Robbins's now famous lectures on the history of economic thought comprise one of the greatest accounts since World War II of the evolution of economic ideas.

This volume represents the first time those lectures have been published. Lord Robbins was a remarkably accomplished thinker, writer, and public figure. He made important contributions to economic theory, methodology, and policy analysis, directed the economic section of Winston Churchill's War Cabinet, and served as chairman of the Financial Times.

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As a historian of economic ideas, he ranks with Joseph Schumpeter and Jacob Viner as one of the foremost scholars of the century. These lectures, delivered at the London School of Economics between and and tape-recorded by Robbins's grandson, display his mastery of the intellectual history of economics, his infectious enthusiasm for the subject, and his eloquence and incisive wit.

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They cover a broad chronological range, beginning with Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas, focusing extensively on Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus and the classicals, and finishing with a discussion of moderns and marginalists from Marx to Alfred Marshall. Every human being has alter egos that live in parallel worlds. The boundaries between these parallel universes have become fragile planets that are collapsing and disappearing and alter egos are slipping through the crumbling universes and attaching to the wrong people.

This causes crazy comedy, chaos and calamity. Greg Robbins.

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