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And he is not alone. A handful of writers who top the Kindle charts, including LJ Ross and Rachel Abbott , have also defied rejections from publishers and agents to knock out seven-figure sales for their brand of crime and thriller writing. This, in a market where it only takes around 3, sales to top the hardback charts. Mending computers in Leigh may have made him seem an odd fit for hardboiled crime set in LA; at first, readers seemed to think so, as he struggled to sell even a handful of copies online.

So Houghton gave them away instead. Within a day, Killing Hope had been downloaded 25, times.

For avid reader and former City lawyer Ross, writing was a distraction during her maternity leave. After she contacted 12 agents with her genre-crossing crime novel Holy Island, she had a couple of potential offers on the table. Her husband was not wrong: while the average traditionally published author earns only about 7. For writers such as Ross, whose sales over five books have now topped ,, this is a tidy sum.

Self publishing writer becomes million seller

She also enjoys the freedom her independent status gives her. I was cycling my bike and I decided to take a break. I parked my bike, sat down with my back against this tree and got my phone out.

2. Research the Most Searched Amazon Book Keywords

But he was immediately presented with two problems. The second was that he had no follow-up book for his new fanbase to dig in to. Since Dawson started the John Milton series in June , he has sold , copies. There are six books in total at around 80 to 90 thousand words per book.

How To Make Money Selling Books Online - Make Up To $200 A Day!

Most of which were written when Dawson held down a full-time job and raised two young children. How does he maintain such a high release-rate? By using his four-hour daily commute to London to write thousands of words a day. This sort of dedication is strikingly similar amongst all of the authors I spoke to.

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For Dawson and others, they really are writing a book. Dawson also credits his success to his unusual attitude towards publishing. He approaches it like a business, one in which writing is just a single cog in the media machine.

Amazon Pays $, A Year To This Self-Published Writer

He engages responding to all fan messages with all of his fans and focusses on building a rapport to ensure their loyalty. He holds seminars to give other writers advice and guidance. And through all of these activities, he collects names and email addresses that have amounted to a 15, person strong mailing list. What Dawson has done is essentially build a small but loyal community that translates into near guaranteed sales.

To get new readers onboard, Dawson does the usual stuff like getting blogs to review his books. But what he says works the most is Facebook advertising. Some of the other authors I spoke to shared similar insights into their marketing tactics. Through that blog she built up a small community of people who were interested in her story as much as they were her work.

Buying houses in cash and selling millions: meet self-publishing's 'hidden' authors

Once she finally published her first Amazon book, she had a guaranteed readership that was willing to engage and spend. Even if - initially - it was just out of curiosity, Sherratt admits. Sherratt was keen to point out to me the importance of engaging with the community, just as Dawson did. Sherratt's first book ended up selling , copies. His remarkable achievement is being hailed as a milestone of the internet age and the beginning of a revolution in the way that books are sold.

Locke, from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, whose only other artistic endeavour was as a singer with a rock band in his youth, admits that the writing it not even his day job. Self-published author is Kindle's biggest seller. How to self-publish on the web. Asterix comic's 'brutality' analysed.

Rushdie: TV drama the new novel. But like with his other money making schemes he puts the secret of his success down to spotting a gap in the market with the arrival of the ebook, the Kindle, and online publishing. To me, it seemed like a license to print money. His books — which centre around characters such as Donovan Creed, a former CIA assassin "with a weakness for easy women" and Emmett Love, a former gunslinger — are unlikely to trouble the Booker Prize judges.

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But nevertheless they are immensely popular among the new e-Book fraternity, selling a copy every seven seconds and making him only the eighth author in history to sell a million copies on Amazon's Kindle — a milestone he passed this week. His success has even sent one of his books Saving Rachel into the New York Times bestseller list and has Hollywood interested in turning them into films. Another self-published e-book sensation, Amanda Hocking, signed a six-figure deal earlier this year with a publisher.

He has written a self help book for others to copy his achievement called "How I sold 1 Million e-books in 5 Months". Love puzzles?