Taxidermy Vol.1 Birds - The Preparation, Skinning, Mounting and Collecting of Birds

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If the mount was shipped to you, it must be returned in original condition, properly repackaged and shipped in the original box. I will refund the full amount you paid for the mount, shipping excluded. Almost any mount can be shipped from almost anywhere in the world now. The following procedures should allow you to safely and legally ship any mount to me.

Fish, birds and mammals up to about 40 lbs. Take extra care when shipping small fish or a single fish bird or small mammal to prevent thawing in transit. Birds, small mammals and fish under 15 lbs. To reduce weight and shipping expense, large fish can be cut on the back wall side and gutted. Medium mammals fox, bobcat, etc.

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Wrap fish, bird and small mammals in a wet cloth and place in a plastic bag. Medium mammals can be placed in 2 or 3 heavyweight garbage bags. Roll the fish up in the bag, seal with tape and freeze solid. Remove the animal and roll in several sections of news paper. Be sure and cover the ends. Tape in place.

Smaller fish and mammals under 3 lbs.. Birds can be wrapped individually. There are a couple methods that work well. OR, cut a piece of 2" thick Stryofoam and place on the bottom. Place sections of newspaper on all 4 sides of the box OR cut foam to fit the sides. Crumple more newspaper and pack all around and over the frozen critters, then place foam or newspapers on the top. Place the envelope in a Ziploc bag and tape to the underside of the lid.

This keeps the important info dry and from getting cut when the box is opened. Use GOOD tape and seal all the seams on the top and bottom of the box.

Call before you ship so I am am expecting the package. Do not ship on a week with a holiday. Packages under 5 lbs.. Freight warehouses and trucks are not "climate controlled" so in hot weather use your judgment. I will call or e-mail when the package arrives and is unpacked.

You will be mailed a numbered receipt for your shipment showing poses, lengths, and other mounting instructions as well as your deposit. Use this number when making payments or contacting me about your animals.

Prepare animals as above for shipping , then place the animals on top of a layer of crumpled paper in a cooler. If you are shipping multiple animals, put them all together in a heavy plastic bag. Pack the cooler with crumpled paper. Follow 5 thru 8 above. Life-size mammals and gameheads must be skinned first. Do not forget to take the necessary measurements. Go to the Trophy Care page if you need that info.

Freeze solid, this will take several days. Packages up to 70 lbs.. Free Installation. Hover to zoom. Be the first to review. Item not available at this location, please try another pincode. Delivery in days Free hrrhrhrhhr Delivery Charges: Rs. Additional Handling Charges are levied for other expenses incurred while delivering to your location.

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I agree to the. Terms and Conditions. How It Works? IMEI Number. Exchange Discount Summary Exchange Discount -Rs. Final Price Rs. Apply Exchange. Other Specifications. Chapter 1 1 shows a chart giving the sizes and styles of eyes commonly used and also an explanation of the sizes and colors used for many birds. An eye should be just a hair larger than is the eye opening of the specimen it is for. Putty is used for holding the eyes in position.

It can be procured at any paint store for a few cents a pound. Black putty is the best for the purpose, but white will answer if you cannot get the other. The putty should be just soft enough so as to be easily squeezed with the fingers ; if it is too soft it will be very sticky and requires the addition of a little whiting; if it is too hard it will crumble and needs a drop or two of boiled oil added to it.

It is well to procure a few ounces of each of these in- gredients at your paint store for you frequently need them as putty hardens rapidly if open to the Guide to Taxidermy 67 air; it should, however, be kept in a closed tin box and only such quantity taken out as is required. Having the material ready and your specimen's eyelids well softened we will proceed with the oper- ation. Introduce the putty through the eyelids, with the tweezers, in the form of little pellets, un- til you have the cavity comfortably filled; then put the eye in position.

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With the point of a needle draw the lids down so as to cover the rim of the eye and push back, out of sight, any putty that may be visible around the edges. Finally wipe the glass eye with a moist piece of cotton and it will give it the lustre of life. KvXa the birds wings, sliding the cutters down on the wire as closely to the skin as possible so that the end of the wire will be covered with the feathers. Pull out, with a twisting motion, the two wires put in the side of the bird to support the wings, and slide the bent wire off the tail.

A light dusting with Screech Owls Guide to Taxidermy 69 a feather duster, always stroking in the direction of the feathers, will make your specimens ready to put on its permanent mount. Right here let me beg you, no matter how poor or indifferent your first attempt may be, not to throw it away but keep it for a guide in mounting the next one. You can see wherein 3'our fault lies and correct it in subsequent mounts. Making T Perches A T perch is composed of but three pieces ; a square base, a round upright set into it and a hori- zontal crosspiece on the upright.

These stands can be very neatly made and are commonly used for museum specimens. For sparrows and birds of like size, make the base of half inch pine, 2 in. The top end of the upright is hollowed out to receive the cross piece.